McCords Candies

Downtown Lafayette has many things to offer. One of the most nostalgic, and wonderful, things to do, is to visit McCords candies on the corner of Main and 6th streets.  Not only do they have a large selection of delicious handmade candy, they have a great menu of classic favorites, a real old time soda fountain with hand stirred colas, and seasonal favorites, like handmade, old-fashioned, candy canes at Christmas.

They have seating for lunch and a great specials for under $5.  It is yet another place that I like to visit often for lunch, snacks, and unique gifts too. My husbands’ grandma loves the hard candies, like anise and rock candy suckers. Kids go crazy for the jawbreakers, ranging from golf ball, to SOFTBALL size! When I did the photos for this post, the girl working the counter, said her brother licked one until his tongue bled! That is real dedication, determination and craziness! They have a special selection of sugar-free candy that makes a thoughtful gift for someone that prefers that. You can visit to learn all about the history and selections at this wonderful downtown Lafayette icon.

Kristy Miley

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