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The Secret To Home Staging In Lafayette, West Lafayette & The Surrounding Areas!

Staging is something I have passion, experience and a natural talent for. I am available to expertly advise you on a plan for selling, that includes staging, with whatever budget and time restraints we may have, and am able to ensure your home shows in it’s best light both online and in person. It can be challenging to determine and execute a plan for what will make the most impact, but I have a lot of experience staging homes, in all price ranges, and on any budget. Proper staging translates into dollars in your pocket, by maximizing your homes potential.

I’ve spent years walking through homes and truly listening to how buyers feel about homes, giving me insight into how they see things. I can show you how to encourage them to start to envision their furniture in the rooms, their kids playing in the yard, things that build a connection. As the owner, some suggestions may be a bit hard to understand, but if you know that it is all leading towards the end goal, of seeing that SOLD sign in the yard, and the most money in your hands it can be easier to get through. Buyers usually form an opinion of your house in seconds, so it is crucial to send the right message quickly.

What’s the big secret? You don’t need to know anything about staging other than how to choose, and trust, the right agent. 🙂

Want assistance evaluating your homes’ potential? Contact me anytime.

Don’t wait until it is ‘picture-perfect’ for me to help you. 

I can see past the signs of day to day living, and I come from a place of help, not judgement.

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