10 year anniversary! aka-How to sell a house your first day on the job.

It meant a lot to me to receive the ’10 year award’ at Coldwell Banker Shook this week!! My real estate career actually started in a pretty amazing way and it has continued to amaze me day after day for over a decade now. I have never been with another real estate company. I interviewed with multiple companies multiple times before I chose the company that aligned with my ethics when I started real estate. I believe CBS has the most highly ethical team of realtors in our area and has for well over a century. And I sold a house the very first day I started there. 🙂

My first transaction was at the beginning of 2010. I walked out of the Shook office after one of the interviews with Charlie Shook and right into an old friend and business associate on the sidewalk. I told him I was about to finish my real estate license and he just happened to know of a buyer referral for me. The buyer wanted to utilize the most sizable home buyer credit I have seen offered for first time home buyers, but it was expiring in about 45 days. I rushed through my final licensing processes just to be able to show this buyer a certain house the day it hit the market. So long story short, the day I got my license I sold a house. On day one I wrote an offer with Charlie Shooks assistance and it was accepted. That in and of itself is an amazing story for any real estate agent. However, as we all know, things can’t ever be TOO easy so the story got even more unique from there. 

The home was located in Central Lafayette. I grew up here. I have a deep love for the area and always have. I feel safe here and truly believe in and appreciate all of the wonderful things our area offers, including the low crime rate. I hadn’t even really recalled any major shootings or killings in the area up until this one. We made it through loan applications, inspections, title work, etc., but before we could get the home closed for the buyer, there was a robbery/murder next door. It was quite a hurdle within our transaction, a very emotionally charged, financially crucial, very complicated decision for the buyers. They still wanted the home and would lose their large first-time buyer credit if they had to start over on another home as well, but we had to work together to make sure they were making all of the best decisions both in the immediate timing and for their families future. It was a truly scary situation for them and to have been there for them was very valuable to me. I am so thankful for all of my clients and understand how crucial these transactions are and how multi-faceted they are as well. 

So, to say I was tossed into the deep waters straight away would be accurate and it really hasn’t slowed since! I absolutely love it. You really can not beat a decade of experience in this job, where it is just on the job training mostly. It still surprises me every day with its endless legalities, complexity, change, emotion, challenge, and energy. Every career I had leading up to real estate crafted the agent I am today as well. A good agent is priceless, so I am so glad that I can keep representing our community to the highest degree of standards, ethics, and results.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk! haha Message me to sell or buy, please!! 😀


Kristy Miley

I am motivated to secure future referrals, so I have that in mind at all times while negotiating transactions. I specialize in being a Full Service Listing Agent, Relocation Representative & Buyer Agent.